Rilke on Black


Lisa is too good-looking not to be trouble. Nick falls for her as soon as he meets the lithe young black woman, and though their drug-fueled relationship quickly turns toxic, he can’t stop wanting her. In a flash, she’s burnt through his savings and cost him his job, so she proposes a kidnapping scheme to reinvigorate their bank accounts. Nick is too smart to think it’s a good idea, but too stupid to say no.

The target is Ronald Baldwin, a local businessman of moderate wealth and infinite pretension, whose obsession with the poet Rilke borders on madness. For backup, Nick invites along Dex, his psychopathic across-the-street neighbor. With three amateur criminals as unhinged as those in this group, there’s no doubt that blood will be shed. The only questions are, who will fire the first shot, and who will fire the last?

“The most startlingly original crime novel to emerge this decade.” – GQ

“The reading equivalent of a boxer’s sharp jab to the solar plexus. It’s fast-paced, tough and pretty sexy.” – Pulp

“Boiled harder than salad eggs and much more likely to leave a nasty taste in your mouth.” – Big Issue

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